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The Amazing Brentwood Tower 6 Hoarding

The next phase of the Amazing Brentwood development is here and we are excited to be a part of it. This time we are starting off with printing and installing a massive hoarding for the highly anticipated tower six. Brentwood Tower 6 is part of the Brentwood Town Centre development, a mixed-use complex that includes residential, commercial, and retail spaces. The tower will stand 60 stories tall with 369 homes, making it one of the tallest buildings in Burnaby.

With the construction underway, we were assigned to cover part of the perimeter (facing toward the mall) with custom hoarding graphics. The beautiful hoarding stretches for 400+ feet in length and stands at 8 feet in height. In addition to the hoarding, we also produced a 12ft x 16ft site sign at the corner of Willingdon Avenue and Halifax Street.

Check out the pictures and videos of our work below. For more details on the development visit

Our Work

SQFT of print
Painted Screws
ACP Sheets
Rolls of Vinyl
Rolls of Laminate

The project spanned over a couple of months from pre-planning to completion. Like all of our projects, a dedicated team was assigned to plan, manage, and oversee the production and installation.

  1. We started the project with a thorough site check. Our team measured all the sizes and angles from which a digital template was created.
  2. The client then used the supplied template to create their artwork.
  3. Once the scope was set, we printed samples to ensure color quality and accuracy.
  4. After the samples were approved, the job was sent to production where we started with precutting the ACP sheets.
  5. The vibrant graphics were printed separately on our state-of-the-art printer using highly durable 3M Vinyl and Anti-Graffiti Laminate.
  6. Each graphic panel was then meticulously hand-mounted onto the precut ACP sheets – a process that took over a week of labour.
  7. In addition to the full panels, we produced 46 infill panels to cover the angled gaps at the bottom for a uniform appearance.
  8. After the production was completed, we began the final stage of installation which was spread over multiple days. 
  9. For the final touch, each panel was screwed in using pre-painted screws to match the graphics and make the hoarding appear seamless.

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