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Covid-19 Graphics and Signage

Print Ready, Customized, or Branded

Multigraphics is now offering attention-grabbing safety signage to help reiterate and educate people on COVID-19 prevention guidlines as recommended by BCCDC. The options consists of 12 unique creatives (or your custom art) that can then be printed on 20+ different types of signs. If you wish to customize these creatives to fit your brand colors or need volume discounted price, please leave us a message in the form available at the bottom of this page.

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Office Partitioning Protective Shields

As per WorkSafe BC Safety Plan, employers are required to showcase their diligence in taking all the precautions necessary to ensure the safety of their workers. One of the ways we can help you reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at work is by producing custom cut protective shields. These shields are excellent for safeguarding those that work in close proximity without compromising your office layout. They come in three unique options that:

  • can be customized to your office space
  • can be printed, clear, frosted, or white (opaque)
  • require no additional hardware for installation


Attach shields to the top of partition walls that separate each workstation using acrylic clamps made to fit right in. No screws, glue, or tape needed.


Attach custom shields to the side of tables using side clamps that are made to size. These are easy to install and remove without requiring any additional hardware


Use free standing acrylic shields for flat surfaces where clamps cannot be used. These are excellent for counter tops, reception desk, and lunch rooms.

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As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to interfere with work arrangements across BC, we understand that many companies are taking strict measures internally to protect and educate their staff and customers by implementing proper hygiene practices. Whether it’s through posters, floor graphics, or printed guidelines, having a visible reminder to follow best practices is essential to overcome this battle.

As a result, we are sharing a few links below to help you find information that you can share both internally and externally to keep your work environment and yourself as safe as possible.

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For custom signs, volume discount price, or other enquiries please leave us a message below.