Window Films and Signage

Add privacy and style to your environment. Improve comfort, redirect sunlight or protect against glass breakage using a variety of window film products to achieve your vision.

Commercial and residential window tinting offer a plethora of benefits, ranging from energy savings to decorative enhancements. At Multigraphics, we provide effective solutions to fit your budget and timeline.  With many recent innovations in window film technology, you can now achieve the increased comforts and visual effects you desire without the cost and high installation impact of updating glass fixtures themselves.  We have solutions for endurance, with our selected warrantied products, as well as flexible options in our array of removable window films – a great option should you desire to remove and upgrade.

Improve comfort by reducing excessive heat, cold, glare, and 99.9% of UV rays with Sun Control Films.

Transform glass with a wide range of patterns and custom treatments offered by Decorative and Privacy films.

Add more visual interest and appeal to plain glass surfaces with 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes available in over 90 unique designs.

Prevent injuries and burglaries by holding glass in place and creating a stronger barrier to criminals with Safety and Security Films.

Window film benefits


Print any colour, shape or size on your selected media

Cost Effective

Save on energy, furniture fading and stolen assets


We can produce and install graphics for all glass surfaces

Easy to Maintain

The majority of our products are cleanable and removable


We carry products that are warrantied up to 8 years

Reduce Energy

Maximize windows with an abundance of natural light


Keep it safe and operational 24/7 throughout the year


Helps partition private spaces away from public view

Did You Know Multigraphics is a 3M™ Select Graphic Provider. This means we are:


We produce high quality window graphics, using optimal inks, materials, and printers, executing many national campaigns yearly.


We use high-end Window Film that resists peeling, bubbling, scratching and abrasion to provide long-lasting beauty and clarity.


As a Gold Level Graphic Provider, we are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry on selected products.

Our Products

Window Decals and Printed Graphics

Take your home or business space to the next level with our personalized graphics. Add custom decorative finishes to promote your products and services.

Window Decals Canada Place
window - 3

Privacy Films and Frosted Vinyl

Our frosted window coverings add elegance to any office space.  Highly customizable, they can be cut in any pattern or printed on to match your specific design.

3M™ Fasara™ Films

Choose from over 101 pre-built patterns to match your decor, add privacy, stylistic flair or control environmental lighting with our pleasing designs.

Window Covering - 7
Solar Window Film

3M™ Solar Films

Outsmart the sun with superior protection designed to provide increased comfort, enhanced privacy, positive return on investment and UV protection.

3M™ Security and Safety Films

Protect property, minimize injury to people and reduce the chances of break-ins with 3M engineered window films designed to strengthen your building envelope.

security window film

Usage by industry

For over 12 years, Multigraphics has provided window-tinting solutions for brands in Vancouver and throughout Canada, across diverse industries.  We aim to innovate, while delivering inspiring, professional and durable results. We are passionate about implementing smarter solutions to our clients’ everyday needs – whether you are looking to save energy, protect your assets, promote your brand or spruce up your business.

Hospital Window Films


Hospitals literally work around the clock, thus needing a comfortable temperature all year round. 3M Sun Control films are an excellent options to improve temperature stability while reducing energy costs.

Bank Building Window Films 3


Financial institutions use windows as a means for promotion, but often also require privacy and security. We provide solutions for each and more. Talk to one of our experts today for more info.

University Window Films


A school’s windows and doors can be vulnerable entry points.  We recommend fortifying glass to prevent shattering, break-ins and loss of valuable assets.

Toronto Financial District, King Street intersection


Brighten spaces naturally, eliminate glaring, increase comfortability, decorate, add privacy or brand environments with one of the many solutions Multigraphics has to offer for corporations.

Retail Window films 3


Multigraphics has helped many retail clients protect their valuable products, highlight their promotions in beautiful graphics, and enhance curb appeal during renovations. Let us help you with yours.

Hotel Window Films 3


Redirect sunlight from windows deeper into rooms, eliminate blinds to offer 24/7 beautiful views of the surroundings and improve night time view with low-reflective window films.

Window Coverings Header 3


Safeguard priceless art pieces and artifacts by minimizing the fading effects of UV rays with 3M Solar Films or prevent break-ins with 3M Security Films to protect valuable assets.

Residential Window Films 2


Our decorative films improve privacy and personalize your home. Reduce energy bills and increase comfort with 3M Solar Films. Or, improve day and night view with low-reflective films.

Exhibition Window Films


Add branding and promotional elements to your entrance windows. Partition office space from public space with privacy frosted films, or facilitate traffic with wayfinding and directional signage on glass.

Window Film FAQs

It’s easy to install, affordable, low maintenance, and is the best at doing what traditional window treatments do — enhancing privacy and beauty. With careful design and clear objective in mind, window film can transform any window and the space it occupies. It can also help protect both you and your furnishing from the sun’s harsh UV rays, control temperature, redirect light deeper into the room, and protect against break-ins.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed cost per window film. Cost varies with your needs. Some of the variables we need to calculate the cost are:

  • Total linear feet of material required.
  • Total square feet of print needed.
  • What is the required finishing?
  • Is it a permanent install or removable?
  • Is installation needed?
  • Is the installation at ground level or high up?
  • What is the timeline?
If you are interested in finding out the cost, send us a quick message below or call us at +1 604.437.8444

Scissors, a measuring tape, a water bottle, and squeegee are all you need to install window film. However, we recommend using a professional installer (preferably 3M certified) for best results.

Please note: Multigraphics does not hold any responsibility for the final results if you decide to install the film yourself.

It all comes down to your preferences, budget, and timeline.  There might be several options that seem fitting, so it’s best to assess all possible factors.  This is why we encourage our customers to discuss their project needs in detail with our sales professionals when inquiring.  Don’t worry if you are new to the world of window film – our team of experts will help guide you through the process step by step to find the best film for your needs.

Consultation is free, so write us a message below or give us a call at +1 604.437.8444.

Yes. Generally speaking the decals are easy to remove. In most cases the decals can simply be peeled away from the window. There are even window film options that are removable up to 5 years without leaving any residue. When enquiring, please indicate on how long you plan to have these up.

Film applied to glass according to manufacturer’s specifications can never be the sole cause of thermal breakage. Only if the glass is not manufactured and/or installed to established industry standards can window film be a contributing factor.

Window Film has been applied to millions of square feet of insulated glass units throughout the world for more than 40 years and have never been shown to be the cause of seal failure.

Most higher quality window films are protected by ultraviolet inhibitors, guaranteeing that the films will not discolour over time. 10-year manufacturer’s material and labour warranties on selected products usually back up these claims.

The higher quality polyester window films offer an abrasive coating and adhesion technology that ensures that the specific requirements related to performance and appearance can be met over the long term (20 years or more). After this time, the film can easily be removed and replaced with a new film. The 3M films are compatible with standard ammonia-based cleaning solutions and procedures.

Some of the newer products, such as 3M Night Vision Films, not only offer the required solar protection but also allow clearer viewing from the inside at night.


How We work

1: Choose Solution

Tell us your needs whether it's comfort, energy saving, security or printed graphics

2: Provide Details

Let us know the sizes and the total number of windows you want us to cover

3: Set Appointment

See samples in person and make an informed decision on your chosen solution

4: Print & Install

We will confirm the details and take care of everything required for the project

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