Presentation & Sales Centres

Highlight your real estate development with a sales centre signage that uses luxury materials to create an engaging environment. Elements such as light box displays, custom wallpaper, glass treatments, and dimensional lettering can create a Presentation centre that sells itself.

Industry Trusted
With over 10 years in the business, our expert team will guide you through a variety of solutions to create a sales centre that makes an impact.
Quality Driven
Our innovative printing solutions have been used by Vancouver’s signature developers to create high end Presentation Centres that drive sales. With limitless creative freedom our clients are free to design & develop without constraints knowing we have the expertise to produce every element.
Effective Management
Our team of professionals are experienced in coordinating & effectively communicating with all parties from designers and marketing agencies to developers and construction teams. We ensure all areas of the scope are completed on time and within budget.

Interior Sign Packages

  • 3D Lettering & logos adds dynamic feel.
  • Direct prints to natural materials such as wood, metal, glass, acrylic.
  • Wall Murals, custom printed wallpaper, 3M™ DI-NOC™.
  • Backlit prints & Illuminated stretch frames.
  • Promotional window treatments.

Exterior Signage

  • Illuminated LED signage for storefronts/presentation centres.
  • 3D Lettering & logos to make your project pop.
  • Custom printed banners, signage, hoardings.
  • Adhesive vinyl applications for exterior glass.
  • Sandwich boards & promotional signage.

Live-in Experience

  • Develop immersive look and feel for your Presentation Centre showroom.
  • Create an indoor environment with an outdoor view & feel.
  • Incorporate high end luxury finishes with 3M™ DI-NOC™.


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Detailed Product Specifications

Rigid substrates are one of the most commonly used materials in presentation centers. From plaques and dimensional letters to outdoor and wayfinding signs, rigid signs provide an excellent value for its price in the form of durability and customization. 

  • Materials: Alupanel, Glass, Wood, Metal, PVC, Ultraboard, Kommatex, Crezone
  • Sheet Size: Most common panel sizes 4’x8’, oversized panels available
  • Materials: Ranges up to 1” thick on certain materials
  • Material Colours: Most common are black, white & clear, with some custom colors available
  • Printable Surface: Full color digital – single or double sided printing
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Plaques
    • Dimensional letters, logos, and cut-outs
    • Wayfinding signage
    • Floor Plans
    • Backlit Prints

Dimensional letter bring a sense of depth and class to presentation centers. With a plethora of material, colours, and finishing options, Multigraphics can produce any shape or design cut straight from your submitted artwork.

  • Materials: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Metal, Sintra, Gatorboard.
  • Size: Unlimited sizing options
  • Thickness: Customizable
  • Colours: Custom
  • Finishing: laser cutting, painted letters, metallic finishes, various finishes (gloss, matte, lustre)
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Brand logos & copy
    • Exterior storefront signage
    • Illuminated signage
    • Apartment numbers
    • Building names
    • Presentation centres

Wall coverings are arguably the most vital part of making a striking Presentation Center, that is why at Multigraphics we take quality and customization to a whole new level. With four different type of materials (Adhesive Vinyl, Wallpapers, 3M Di-Noc, Textured Laminate), 100s of pre-finished patterns, and 100% customizability, we bring your whole presentation center to life.

  • Materials: Adhesive Vinyl, Wallpapers, 3M Di-Noc, Textured Laminate
  • Size: 54″ Rolls (certain material can come in 60″ rolls as well)
  • Thickness: 1-4 mil *some films may be thicker depending on embossing
  • Finishing: Matte, Gloss, Luster, Textured
  • Classification: Class A Fire Resistant
  • Suggested Applications:
    • Walls and wall panels
    • Ceilings and fixtures
    • Elevators
    • Columns and curved surfaces
    • Furniture and doors

Custom LED backlit signs and lettering stand out & make your brand shine. Flourescent tubes are long gone and LED has risen to the most requested illumination method. LEDs are low voltage & come with highly customizable options & colors. Save money & get noticed by retrofitting an old sign or outfit your new display.

  • Materials: Acrylic, Backlit Film, Backlit Banner (PVC)
  • Size: Custom
  • Thickness: Custom
  • Colours: Custom
  • Disclaimer: Backlit signs require electrical junction behind the wall or in the ceiling above. Multigraphics will provide a power supply (transformer). An adequate access will also be needed in the space to run the wiring.
  • Benefits:
    • Can be used for interior and exterior applications
    • Highly visible during day or night time
    • Vibrant color options
    • Save money with low voltage & long life LEDs
    • Attract attention & improve traffic

Cut vinyl lettering and numbers are often used to complement your visuals (Dimensional letters, Images, backlit prints) as they provide key information that convey your message to your customers. It is an excellent alternative to printing text as the option of colored vinyls with unique finishing can further help you attract attention.

  • Materials: Adhesive Vinyl
  • Size: 24″, 48″, 54″ Rolls
  • Thickness: 1-4 mil *some films may be thicker depending on embossing
  • Finishing: Matte, Gloss, Luster, Textured
  • Colour: 100+
  • Classification: Class A Fire Resistant
  • Suggested Applications:
    • Walls and wall panels
    • Billboard and hoarding graphics
    • Columns and curved surfaces
    • Wayfinding signage
    • Vehicles and promotional messages

Exterior signage is often the most important marketing and branding investment you can make when it comes to creating an impactful first impression. Multigraphics helps you achieve this through big, bold, and beautifully produced exterior signage. Exterior signage can be produced in many materials and forms such as hoarding, c-track banners, dimensional letters, or promotion campaigns throughout the city. Get in touch with our Sales team to determine a solution that works for you with the right materials & process. 

  • Materials: PVC Banner, Self Adhesive Vinyl, Alupanel, Crezone, 
  • Size: 48″ Rolls / 4′ x 8′ Rigid Sheets (oversized available for certain products)
  • Thickness: Ranges up to 1” thick on certain materials
  • Finishing: Matte, Gloss, Luster, Textured
  • Colour: Most common are black, white & clear, with some custom colors available
  • Suggested Applications:

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