Frosted Window Films

Frosted glass films are excellent for privacy, obscuring an unsightly view or just to update an interior with branding and decor.

Frosted window coverings adds privacy to your offices and meeting rooms with style. Add design elements with color, cut out elements to create patterns, or combine with other vinyl prints to create something truly unique to your brand. Create depth with double sided installations. Spruce up your business with elegance, at an acceptable price.

window -1

Reverse Cut Vinyl

In this option, your design will be cut away from the background - making it transparent in an otherwise covered area.

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Standard Cut Vinyl

Opposite to reverse cut, each letter or object in your design will be cut directly out of the vinyl and will have no background.

Frosted Window Film - Printed

Printed Frosted Vinyl

As the name suggests, your design will be directly printed on the frosted privacy vinyl, resulting in a semi-translucent graphic.

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Blank Frosted Covering

If you are looking for privacy films that cover an entire or portion of a window, then we can cut them to size and install as needed.

Most Common Usage

Glass Doors

Ideal for operating hours and business information, glass doors can be covered in frosted cut lettering and numbers

Office Decor

Frosted privacy films are an excellent form of adding privacy and decor to your office glass. Offices, meeting rooms, glass partitions, and glass doors are the most common surfaces covered.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting or conference rooms often require privacy to avoid distracting people from what's at hand. Use this opportunity to design your covering that fits your brand. Whether it is cut patterned, printed, or reverse cut, we will bring your vision to life.

Storefront Decor

Retails stores can enjoy multiple benefits from frosted privacy films. It can be designed to act as promotional graphics that also provide privacy.

Reception Area

Vestibules and lobbies can greatly benefit from adding privacy films to partition office area from the general public while keeping the look and the feel of the area professional.

Home Decor

Multigraphics offer residential solutions for privacy films as well. Protect your property from walk-by strangers by adding frosted vinyl on street facing windows or protect furniture by diffusing light in areas with strong sunlight penetration.

Product Details

Frosted Vinyl offer options for decorative and privacy graphics on glass windows, doors and mirrors. They also function well on other transparent media, like acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. The result is rejuvenated offices, hotels, restaurants, shop floors, trade show areas and more. Digital printing on this material provides both customization and personalized design options.

With all the benefits and features of a basic frosted vinyl, dusted crystal gives you sandblast or etched glass with a milky translucent effect when applied on glass. The crystal effect is difficult to photograph but when the sun light catches the film you can see a distinctive sparkle in the window frosting which looks very professional.

As the name suggest, this decorative frosted film has a different feel to it when touched. For more details and patterns, visit our 3M™ Fasara™ Window Film page.

Sandblast window films have the look and feel of frosted glass and can be custom cut to almost any pattern and applied on-site at a significantly lower cost. However, most of the options come in permanent solution, so retrofitting could be challenge.


Partition private spaces away from public view

Cost Effective

Comes at a fraction of the cost of customizing glass


Add decoration while retaining professional look


Update design at minimum cost and no disruption


Design with freedom to cut, print, or a mix


Prevent people from looking into your property


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