Design Lab

Bringing Ideas to Life

The path to a great brand is a journey of creativity, design, and execution. If you choose to work with Multigraphics, whether on a full branding exercise or a one off sign, we will ensure we get the right essence of your requirements and come up with a solution that is truly customized. Through research, on-site samples, and experts, we will develop a realistic and budget conscious presentation that will outline the best possibilities to bring about your idea to life at our Design Lab.


Come and explore the vast array of printed and media samples we carry from the most trusted manufacturers. Samples include:

  • Architectural finishes
  • Wall Coverings (and Wall Papers)
  • Window (or Glass) Films
  • Banner Medias
  • Dimensional Letters
  • Rigid Sheets


Get the feel from different products and truly understand the best media for your project. Many medias are multi-purpose, come compare them side-by-side to see the difference in:

  • Cost
  • Longevity
  • Texture
  • Print quality
  • Printable size


With the help of our experience staff and access to sample materials, finding a solution for your project becomes much simpler. 

Despite our best recommendations, you will always be the best judge of what works for you. Hence, we encourage our customers to come by our Design Lab to check out our products and choose the one they feel will be the best fit for them.


Our Design Lab is an excellent venue for designers and developers to host meetings with all parties involved. Having the material in hand, along with our experienced sales staff expertise, all involved parties can work together to ensure the project is completed within the timeline.