Cambie Gardens Site Signage | Onni Group

Cambie Gardens becomes the largest hoarding project of the year thus far for Multigraphics. The new 26 acre community will consist of housing options, retail & commercial space, healthcare facilities, social & recreational opportunities, as well as space for urban agriculture. To showcase the grandness of this massive project, Multigraphics was given the opportunity to produce and install the following:

  • Custom-built Crezone Site Sign with Returns – 60 ft Wide x 16ft High.
  • C-Track Banner PVC Hoarding – 686 ft Wide x 5 ft High.
  • Custom 3D Cut Letters installed with pins and flush mounted.
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl Prints and Custom Gold Vinyl, mounted onto Crezones.
For more details on what we can produce in oversize category, visit our Construction Signage page.


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