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Exhibition Graphics at The Columbia Icefield Glacier Gallery

Once again the talented fabrication team at 3DS has joined forces with Multigraphics to put one of Canada’s most impressive natural landscapes on the map. Designed by the creative and innovative team at AldrichPears Associates, the twenty-seven station exhibit  highlights the fascinating natural history of Alberta’s Columbia Icefields found in Jasper National Park. 

Being one of the largest ice fields in the Rocky Mountains that is also one of the top tourist destinations, the gallery had an enormous task ahead of itself to visualize the colossal features within the proximity of four walls. Despite the massive challenge, however, the teams at 3DS and AldrichPears Associates have done an outstanding job in designing, engineering and executing the beautiful and awe-inspiring gallery.

The massive Project took over 6 months where Multigraphics played a supportive role in printing the vibrant and alluring graphics that required various media and custom fabrications. Some of which include:

  • 3M Vinyl Wall Murals and Graphics
  • PVC Banners
  • Sintra Prints
  • Canvas Banners
  • Cut Vinyl Letters
  • Acrylic Prints
  • 3 Dimensional  Letters
  • Custom Fabricated Signs
For more details on visiting the Icefield Galciers, please visit there official site here.

Photo Credit: 3DS Services