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As one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver, Flyover Canada has been seeing a steady rise in its visitor numbers. To meet the rising demand, Flyover Canada has been continuing to expand and update its current infrastructure – providing more information and features of the beautiful country it so gorgeously displays. In fact, Flyover Canada has been such a sensation among tourists that they have announced a second location that would be going up in Toronto in 2022.

But until then, the focus remains on the expansion of its current location where Multigraphics was once again ecstatic to help bring the creative vision of Flyover Canada’s team to life. The most recent addition includes: 

Informational Wall Mural and Podiums

  • A 10ft x 8 ft wall mural 
  • 20 pins permanently installed in the form of standoffs with strings attached to them
  • 4 informational podiums, custom fabricated from maple wood
  • 4 printed acrylic graphics applied to the top section of the podiums
  • Digitally printed and cut letters applied to the front of the podiums

New Backlit Panels for the Exterior Pillar Sign

  • Fabricated and installed two backlit blade signs made out of 6mm alupanel, edge wrapped with printed vinyl

And more…

  •  An exiting/deboarding wall consisting of cut vinyl letters
  •  Three wayfinding signs for washrooms and entrance
  •  Two elevator hallway wayfinding signs showing the timecards of the upcoming shows
  •  A single bagdrop blade sign
  • “Oh Canada” dimensional lettering with an authentic Maple Wood face and returns painted red
  • The Flying Whale Cafe Graphics
    • Two cafe menus made out of 6mm alupanel, wrapped in printed graphics. Each menu has two 3M Di-Noc Birch Wood wrapped caps that were pre-installed onto the menu boards
    • Printed and cut letters, installed directly on the wall



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