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Custom ACP Signs for Google Relay Canada (2018)

8 Cities | 1000 Developers | 5 Time Zones | 1 Challenge | 1 Day

St. John's Quebec City Montreal Toronto Vancouver Calgary Ottawa Winnipeg

The Google Cloud Relay is one of Google’s most ambitious collaborative events where a coding challenge takes place simultaneously in 8 different cities across Canada. In the challenge, more than 1,000 of the country’s top developers team up with peers in their province to build a complete working solution using the Google Cloud Platform. 

The event’s graphical design was created and overseen by Unit 11 who approached Multigraphics to assist with all the printing and fabrication. The idea was to create a backdrop stage at each venue that reflects the one-day, one-challenge vibe. A simple solution in theory, but challenging in practice. The various heptagons needed to be bent, printed, wrapped, and aligned to form the patterned required. To make it more challenging, they also needed to be transported to eight different cities without getting damaged.

The bright minds at Unit 11, 3DS, and Multigraphics went through several ideas and prototypes before finalizing on bent aluminums with wrapped graphics. This solution provided a light, cheap, and durable product that was “a real hit with all cities”, according to Unit 11’s Penny.

After the initial prototype that was approved by the client, Multigraphics assembled, constructed, wrapped and packaged 120 Heptagons using:

  • 238 units of 3mm Alupanel (24″x 24″), trimmed to beveled edges
  • 119 units of 3mm Alupanel (74″x 3″), trimmed to beveled edges
  • 119 strips of printed graphics on 3M Vinyl (32″x30″), trimmed to unique shape
  • 125 strips of blank 3M vinyl (75″x1.5″), trimmed to size



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