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Scenic Wall Murals at Three Links Care Centre

The Three Links Care Centre (TLCC) has been providing high-quality, affordable, and professional residential care and independent housing to seniors and older adults with special needs for more than 35 years. Their mission statement is to provide residents with safe, compassionate, and care housing that improves their quality of life. As part of their continuous efforts in improving their resident’s living experience, the team at TLCC approached Multigraphics to help them revitalize some of their interior spaces with beautiful landscapes of British Columbia.

The project consisted of 10 wall murals (approximately 140 feet x 7 feet of area) and a magnetic World Map. Spanning over 6 months (due to COVID delays), the project started with a vigorous search for the perfect images. Both, our team at Multigraphics, and the team at TLCC search through 100s of images on the web which were then analyzed to ensure they will retain their quality when printed at full scale. As we narrowed down the options to just a few images, a test print was done to verify the resolution and quality.

Once all the images and test prints were approved, we proceeded with printing the full job. In the meantime, we conducted a site check to plan and coordinate our installs with the team at TLCC. Since it is an occupied site, we had to abide by a certain set of limitations and work on one mural at a time. Thanks to the heavy workload upfront and careful planning, the install went smoothly. While both the client and we were delighted with the results, the biggest takeaway for us on this wonderful project was the joy it brought to the local residents who loved experiencing the many landscapes of BC from the comfort of their home.

Have a look below at some of the before and after shots, along with the completed pictures from this beautiful project.

Before and After
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Behind The Scenes

From image selection to mockups to test prints, we went through a plethora of planning to ensure the final results align with TLCC’s vision and goals.

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